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Women’s Health Magazine: The Woman’s Guide to Strength Training

Woman’s Health Magazine and Betina teamed up to create a guide for you, no matter where you are on your strength journey!

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Women’s Muscle & Strength: Get Lean, Strong & Confident

Women’s Muscle & Strength is packed with 80 exercises that cover every area of the body. Exercises are broken down by movement type to help you better understand how and why to put them together, as well as what types of movements are associated with major muscles of the body.

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Prevention Magazine’s STRONG

Betina partnered up with Prevention Magazine to create a fun follow-along strength training program!

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Gym Gear

Line Up With Us Complete Kit

Includes: 5 Mini Bands (Extra Light-Extra Heavy). Heavy Resistance Cloth Band, Recovery Ball, Super Band - 2 Pack (1 inch, and ¾ inch)


Line Up With Us Base Kit

Includes: 5 Mini Bands (Extra Light-Extra Heavy). Heavy Resistance Cloth Band, Recovery Ball (No Superbands)


Line Up WIth Us Resistance Bands

5 Resistance bands that range from Extra Light- Extra Heavy


Line Up With Us Superbands

2 Pack of 1 inch and ¾ inch resistance bands


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Home Gym Items!

  • Power Block Weights: These customizable weights are great if you don't want to take up a ton of space in your home, but still want a range of weight

  • Door Anchor for Resistance Bands: Use these with your super bands or any other resistance bands to be able to pull or push at any angle.  Great for home or travel!

  • Slider Discs: You can use these on your rug, carpet, or any other textured flooring - if you have wood floors - you could use some towels instead :) 

  • Door Frame Pull Up Bar:  If you are doing any of the whiteboard workouts or gym programs and don't have access to a gym, a pull up bar would be an essential to add to your collection!

  • Plyo Box : This can double as your bench / elevated surface that I reference a lot in some of the heavier strength workouts!